Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Changing with the Seasons 

I notice whenever I make the transition from one season to the next it’s more than just the weather that changes. I go through an assessment of what I accomplished over the last few months, what was new that I embraced as a better way of doing things and what I’d found had become outdated and prime for change.  As a realtor for over 25 years, I look for new ways to do my job well and to reach out to my clients.  Starting a blog seemed like a smart and effective way to share my take on the market, what’s working and what may have changed, as well as how to make the most of what can be a challenging or fortuitous time for buyers and sellers.  Of course, with the link to the John Moffitt & Associates site you can receive updated information on real estate listings, sales and market information, and while I hope it’s something you’ll choose to use, I encourage you to contact me with questions and feedback. So it’s another season... and this is one of the outcomes of my most recent assessment. I hope you’ll agree that this blog can offer a friendly, fun and informative way to keep in touch, keep you up-to-date and moving forward toward what will always be ‘the next new thing’.  I encourage you to follow me along on the ever-changing journey through the real estate market here in Kansas City  - and much, much more!