Monday, December 29, 2014

Winter Projects to help your get your home ready to sell in the spring.

I recently was asked by a past client what things they needed to do now during the winter that would let them get a jump on and have their home ready for sale in the spring.  This is not an unusual question for those of us who live in colder clients – we tend to have our big “selling season” in the spring, summer and into the early fall.  It’s not that people don’t buy and sell houses in the winter, but most people tend to think about selling in the early spring with the nice weather.

So here goes, some projects that you can tackle in the winter to help you get ready to sell in the spring…

  • A really good project is to tackle the overflowing closets and cabinets.  IF the kids have outgrown (and it’s not just the kids) the clothes from last school year, now’s a good time to clean out the closets and get rid of them …. Donate them to a local charity or give them to family and friends who have smaller children.  No need to keep them and it will help to make your closets look bigger.
  • Another project is to start the de-clutter process.  We all tend to do special decorating for the holidays … if that’s the case just pack up the “clutter” and get it stored away – unfortunately we realtors are always telling people to de-clutter so that a possible buyer can see the full space.  So when January 1st comes around and you take down the holiday decorations, think about what you don’t necessarily need to put back out. 
  • Another good winter project is to make an assessment of those little items that all us home owners know we need to get fixed but that we have learned to live with. You know what I mean, that front door that always “sticks” or that light switch that doesn’t always turn on.  I personally have a bath fan that squeaks!!!  If you start making your list of items that you know need to be repaired now and just tackle one item every week or so you will be on the road to getting your home on the market.
One thing that I’d like to mention however is if you have a big project to tackle, now is also a good time to check with your realtor of choice. They will be able to help you prioritize those items that will bring a return on your repair/renovate investment. 

So if you are thinking that the right time to move will be this spring, now is the time to tackle some of the projects that will help you present your home in the best light. You should put some time and money into making the necessary repairs and alterations to your home now to make it appealing to homebuyers in the spring. You want potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. You don't want buyers coming into your home and trying to imagine how nice the home will be after all of the chores have been done.